Did you smile when you saw my pic pop up on your device

Desire, Imagination and Intense moments of Ecstasy.

As fate would have it, here you are, dipping your toe into my world, I get that this is kind of a weird situation and that we’re probably both a bit nervous, but never fear, you are in capable hands.


The timing is perfect, I’m told I’m incredibly warm, friendly, and open (not to mention devastatingly sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, submissive bedroom eyes, long silky soft hair…).  I have melted the most cynical hearts with a titillating combination of openness, affection, and a fresh measure of joie de vivre. (Adding French words is a must.  I love French courtesans.)


I’m a disarmingly charming, tiny creature, with a quiet soft voice ( like mist over a calm lagoon on a beautiful morning) I am a spiritual person, filled with love for nature and everything in it.  The vast love in my heart gives me great strength and allows me to live my life abundantly.  Raised in the southern California sun where life is abundant, breezy, and also where I acquired my degree.


I am just like you I suspect, searching for a little adventure and intense moments of ecstasy.  Whether it’s an outdoor live music concert, dining anywhere where the food is delicious or put on a beautiful dress that lust over every inch of my body, adorned with beautiful French perfume for a Broadway show.  I am your escape, your ultimate mistress and your place of solace from life brief floods.  Basically, if you’re tired of inauthentic experiences, cold interactions, then we need to chat.  There is more to discover about me waiting to be explored, I consider myself a true sensualist, my life floats on the wings of incredible experiences.  Care for a ride above the clouds?


My life is about real connections, I reject the fake, dishonest and the insincere.  I’m a horrible actress and a worse liar:  I have no constructed persona and no script you’ll find me exactly as I claim.  sweet, intelligent, attentive and most of all, real.